• 02/18/15– Our updated CDC import permit has been upload.


  • 04/08/14– Our updated California license is now online.
  • 03/11/14- The IDPL has upload a updated State of Florida Lab license.  Also we have upload letters from CAP and the State of California as we wait for your new licenses to arrive.
  • 02/05/14- IDPL has upload a updated CDC import permit.


  • 10/24/13- The IDPL has updated our requisition with our new test catalog.  Also we have made our requisition a writable form so that you can type in all the information and then print the form out.
  • 05/21/13 – The IDPL has updated our requisition with our new test catalog. Also we have updated our web address and logo.
  • 05/21/13 – The IDPL has updated our sample handling instructions with our new web address and logo.
  • 05/21/13 – We have added a customer survey to the website under the forms tab and would appreciate feedback!
  • 03/25/13 – 2013 California License has been posted.
  • 03/12/13 – Our new site at went live.
  • 02/27/13 – Our updated CLIA license has been uploaded.
  • 02/20/13 – Our updated CDC import permit has been uploaded.


  • 05/10/12 – Our new CAP license has been uploaded.
  • 02/11/12 – IDPL and Shands have had their CAP inspection and we are awaiting a copy of  the new license. In the mean time, a letter from CAP can be found on our accreditation page showing that we are still accredited until we receive our new license.  Thank you, IDPL
  • 02/11/12 – New updated copies of our CDC import permit and California license can be found on are accreditation page.


  • 11/17/10 – The IDPL has received it’s State of California Clinical Laboratory License.
  • 08/20/10 – IDPL has a new updated requisition form, which includes updated times for taking the sample draws.
  • 08/13/2010 – The IDPL at the University of Florida is now offering drug concentrations for Maraviroc.
  • 07/27/2010 – I am very happy to report that Dr. Charles Peloquin, Professor and Director of the Infectious Disease Pharmacokinetics Lab in the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research, has been elected as a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).

Fellowship Status is the highest honor the ACCP bestows upon its members and is only given in recognition of the highest level of excellence in both science and practice of Clinical Pharmacy. The initials FCCP (Fellow, College of Clinical Pharmacy) is noted after an individual’s name to designate their status.

Dr. Peloquin will be inducted as a 2010 ACCP Fellow in October in Austin, Texas during the 2010 Annual meeting of the ACCP.